This page will be dedicated to the LS3/5A speakers.

“The original concept of the LS3/5A began in 1972 at the BBC and was consequently licenses to a number of manufacturers, the most successful of which was Rogers, and for a full history you should read this excellent article by Trevor Butler.  The thing to know is that this speaker should not have the reputation that it does today given the advances made in the last 40 years, and yet it does.”

ls35aMy plan is to start building a pair very soon. I have the drivers, KEF b110 and KEF t27.

I am just thinking which crossover to use at the moment…



7 comments on “LS3/5A

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  2. I too am putting together a pair of LS3/5a clones & have some good s/h drivers & now have the cabts ready to go. However, now that the correct B110 & T27s are again being made for the 15ohm version I will probably go for them. I have a pr. of genuine units in 11ohm type by Spendor so b interesting to compare. I’m puzzled by your indicision over the Xover as I thought there was only one type depending which version of the B110 used.
    I’ll watch with interest!

  3. No further progress as yet but will b getting the drivers & correct FL6/23 xover from Falcon shortly.
    BTW I had KEF 105 Series 2 for about 15 yrs & now have 104.2 which I’ve had a similar length of time & which I prefer.

  4. Thanks for comment, that is interesting to know. I have compared 105mk1 (which I have) to mk2, and I preferred my mk1. I have not listened to 104.2. I also have IMF professional Monitors which I prefer to my mk1 105.

  5. I recall listening to the original 105 when they were released & being impressed & wanting a pair. However, some reviewers were critical of aspects of their performance which Kef subsequently acknowleged & fairly quickly replaced them with the Series 2 which I then purchased. A good mate has the IMF Professional Monitors Series IV & back in the 80s we fitted them with the then new TDL bass & midrange drivers which became available as an upgrade. We also rebuilt the Xovers with high quality parts & housed them externally. It took the speakers to a whole new level!
    I also have a pr. of TDL Super Compacts in my collection.

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